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Genital Area Varicoses

There is a common type of varicosis in female patients. These are varicose veins that settle around the testicles in men, which we call varicocele. In women, they are varicose veins that settle in the genital area but actually originate from the ovarian veins. In this type of varicose, there is no need for surgery in varicocele or special region varicose veins. We can treat these varicose veins by drying them by filling some occlusive drugs, sound wave lasers and normal lasers or hair-thick wires. There is a specific type of varicosis in multipar women called Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.  These patients are in general 25 to 45 years of age and they experience non specific undiagnosed chronic pain on the lower abdomen especially at the menstrual periods. Also large amount of varicoses appear on vulva, vagina or buttock regions or groins repeatedly even after leg varicosis treatment.  We use laparoscopic ligation technique, coil embolisation or intravascular RF ablation for these atypical varicose disease types.