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Varicose Veins Treatment

Laser Varicose Treatment

Laser treatment of varicose veins is a method that has been used for many years and is gradually developing and becoming widespread. Capillaries can be treated with Nd-YAG lasers, radio frequency technology and 980 nm diode laser equipment in our clinic. Before these technologies are used, our CardioVascular surgeon definitely performs a color Doppler ultrasound examination of your vein system, and then every capillary varicose is treated with a technology suitable for its structure and characteristics. All technologies used in our center have FDA-approved licenses and are the gold standard technologies that have been used efficiently and effectively since 25 years in the world.

Research to date has shown that laser varicose veins treatment is effective and safe. The side effects of laser varicose veins treatment are very minimal, and it has been observed in the literatüre rarely that there is a change in skin color (lightening or darkening) and crusting of the treated area.

With the developments in laser technology and the use of new wavelengths and variable pulse durations, the laser vascular treatment method has become safer and successful results have been achieved. Ideal parameters can be obtained by adjusting the wavelength, the pulse duration and the diameter of the laser beam and identifying the patient’s skin type characteristics.

Varicose vein surgeries had been performed for years on the leg, groin, knee, under the knee with various incisions and by cutting the vein off the leg with steel wires Now with our new technologies, the techniques of occlusion of the vein with glue, drying the vein with laser or drying the varicose veins with sound waves are in the foreground.

We do not do any cutting or sewing during these processes. We do not need to give anesthesia. The Laser or RF treatments take only 10-15 minutes and after the treatment, our patients can return to their daily lives by walking. One of the most important features of our new generation treatments is that it provides instant and permanent solutions.

In addition to many complaints such as pain, cramps, edema, heaviness in the legs, fatigue, tingling, itching, bleeding, skin discoloration, varicose veins also may lead to non-healing wounds and ulcers, In advanced varicose disease, venous masses in the skin are known to form clots over time if not treated and can lead to a fatal picture called pulmonary embolism.

For this reason, varicose veins must be absolutely treated in order to increase the quality of life of our patients.

"What should be done after varicose veins laser treatment or varicose glue treatments?" is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Do not do heavy work for 2-3 days after the procedure; It is necessary to cancel participation in bazaars, markets, weddings, associations, and not to do things that involve lifting weights, carrying goods or carrying loads.

After the treatment, you can do our daily activities and daily walks. If large vascular masses are excised in the leg in any way, there may be holes in 1-2 points, it is better to take a shower after 2 days. Apart from that, we wrap our legs in bandages for 1 day after the procedure, after that, you wear your compression socks on your legs and it is sufficient for the compression socks to stay on the leg for 5 days.

A high quality compression stocking that is not very tight, custom made according to the size of the legs.

We have drugs that strengthen the veins, strenghtens the veins and prevent further progression, these drugs are useful.

If we walk and step more, our leg muscles contract and higher amount of dirty blood is thrown up.

It is very good to massage our legs every evening, especially by feeding the horse chestnut cream or 1-2 drops of olive oil together with it.