Saygın Klinik

Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Now, we perform most of our surgeries by making small incisions in the body and endoscopically. In the past, fort he heart surgery procedures,  we used to open chest bone completely or completely open the chest.  But now with strategic planning in the chest area and paying attention to dozens of parameters such as all rib positon of our patients, the 3-dimensional position of the heart, the angle of the heart inside the chest, we mark the chest and perform procedures through  one  5 cm incision With minimal small  incisions we can perform our heart surgeries, heart valve surgeries, heart bypass surgeries and pediatric heart surgeries. Thanks to the progress of these applications, our patients no longer have large cuts and ugly scars on the chest area and the healing process is much better and faster. Minimally invasive heart surgery is slightly different from robotic heart surgery. While small holes are opened in Robotic Heart Surgery, only pipes are sent from the groin and our patient is connected to the heart and lung machine; But with minimally invasive small incisions under the breast, usually under the left breast  we can perform Bypass; on the other hand  If the valve is to be repaired or replaced, we make small incisions of 10 cm under the right breast. During this application, we perform the circulation of the patient, which we call extracortporeal perfusion, through the groin and connect patient to the heart lung machine, In this way, we can perform almost all cardiac surgeries, sometimes with the heart working, sometimes with the help of the pump, sometimes with with the heart beating completely and sometimes by stopping it completely.