Saygın Klinik

EECP Therapy

With the EECP machine, the new technology of the Saygın Clinic, we reduce the circulatory load on the body by applying external pressure to the below-knee, above-knee, thigh, and lower abdomen.

Who is suitable for EECP? Can everybody benefit from EECP? Is everybody eligible for EECP?

While receiving FDA approval, Saygin clinic has done numerous works and research on thousands of patients and it has been proven that EECP treatment for heart failure is highly effective.

If we think about heart contraction as a motor with 70 horsepower and blood pumping slowing down to 60-50-40 percentage and later plummeting to 30-20 percentage, we come across with heart failure problem.  In this regard there are numerous publications, which show that frequent use of EECP is extremely effective. However, in cases when a heart has not lost its power that much, but still there is no place to place a stent or there is no vessel to conduct a Bypass, or a patient is not able to walk, move, climb up the stairs or is feeling shortness of breath, in these cases EECP treatment is highly effective.

Moreover, during angiography procedure we often observe that some of our patients have slow blood circulation in their hearts. Normally blood circulates at a specific speed in our vessels, for instance: according to the traffic rules a vehicle must go with the speed of 60 km per hour on a straight road.

However, angiography in some of our patients despite their young age shows that calibration of their vessels is very thin and therefore the colored blood that is pumped through the vessels flows very slowly. In this case, even if all vessels in patient’s blood are open, EECP treatment makes their heart produce additional minor vessels inside the heart itself by carrying out bypass on its own. In this regard there are even more publications that verify that conducting 35 sessions of EECP treatment within the period of 6 months is highly effective.

Besides, along with EECP treatment of heart vessels with 40-30-20 low percentage but common rate of calcifications that yet do not require operational involvement, stenting,
after we conduct proper scientific medical treatment along with EECP treatment: our heart produces new branches just like a tree, when it grows and is trimmed, it gives more new branches and they grow even better and stronger. EECP treatment has same logic and results. Calcified vessels in our patients’ hearts quickly grow old, however with this treatment many new branches are developed on the sides of the main veins, such as side branches and collateral branches. For this reason, EECP treatment is highly recommended to a wide range of patients with heart problems.