Saygın Klinik

Pediatric Heart Surgery

We also made our preparations for our children at the Saygın Clinic. Now, we can accept our babies, children and children under the age of 18 from many countries, both from withinin Turkey  and abroad, especially in the Middle East region, to perform heart surgeries.

We can find solutions to problems such as holes in the heart, congenital defects of the heart valves, reverse alignment of the heart vessels, and stenosis in the heart valves, with surgeries or interventional cardiological procedures, at our JCI accredited hospitals. These surgeries can also be performed with very high success, since we have performed nearly 10 thousand pediatric surgical interventions and surgeries before. The most important detail after the surgery  is the team that follows the postoperative ICU in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. Nurses, technical staff and even basic staff who have experience in following pediatric heart surgeries are very important. After our cardiologists, who have 30 years of experience in pediatric heart medicine, perform echocardiography and angiography of our patients, we evaluate the procedure by a joint decision of highly experienced  physician  council. In our council, all our academic surgeons and academic pediatric cardiologists decide together. In most of our patients, it is possible to treat with minimally invasive techniques,  with the exception of very young babies, but even if standard cardiac surgery is required, for valve repairs, including all rhythm disorders in the heart, repair of valve defects and correction of cardiac vessels in cases where they are displaced or cross-linked we successfully perform surgeries with 98% survival rate . Saygin Clinic always continues to work for our children.