Saygın Klinik

Leg Gangrene Treatment

If 10 buckets of blood are coming to our legs with the arteries, then 10 buckets of blood should be returning with the veins. The important point here is the mapping of the arteries, the diameters of the arteries, their currents and the severity of the calcification in the vessel walls. If there are critical constrictions, they are observed just like knuckles in an hourglass. After a certain period, if those knuckles are not treated, they turn into clots, and when suddenly the blood does not perfuse the leg, the nerves die first and the patient cannot move and feel while lying or standing. We say that the foot or leg has gangrene below the knee or above the knee when the inability to feel and move begins. For this reason, it is beneficial for all our patients over 50 years of age with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems or familial cardiovascular problems to come to a vascular surgeon and have their vessels examined once a year, in order to prevent the interruption by intervention under emergency conditions.