Saygın Klinik

Blood Pressure Treatment

Hypertension is the disease of the century. Especially in a significant part of our patients who apply Saygin Clinic, we see that our patients’ blood pressure is surprisingly high even by measuring blood pressure only during the routine examination. High blood pressure is when our blood pressure is above the normal values of 8 out of 12. In some of our patients, it can very rarely be 90 / 130 – 90 / 140, while in others, it can be measured as 120/ 180 or  150/180. When there is high blood pressure, patients apply with complaints such as forehead pain, neck pain,heaviness in the chest, . A feeling of heaviness at first, weakness, unhappiness, restlessness can all cause an attack of high blood pressure. Diagnosing high blood pressure is very simple: when we see that blood pressure value is high with one or two consecutive measurements, we immediately connect our patients to the holter device, and the holter device measures their blood pressure for 24 hours. We, as doctors, examine these records and determine whether a diet, monotherapy, dual medication, is needed.