Saygın Klinik

Heart Attack

In a patient diagnosed with a heart attack, under emergency conditions, we immediately start our medical treatment, which dissolves clots, relieves pain, slows the heart, lowers blood pressure, and dilutes blood. Then, according to the general condition of our patient, when no blood flow in the heart muscles phenomena occurs, that is, the death process in heart muscles begins, we immediately take patient to emergency angiography as soon as the general condition of our patient permits.

During emergency angiography, we see which vessels are clogged within minutes, and we try to apply non-surgical techniques such as balloon, stent, atherectomy, laser vascular opening, sound waves, clot suction to the clogged area, If there is more than one radical blockage in 3-4 vessels of our patient, we may have to take our patients to heart surgery under emergency conditions.

There are many studies showing that the muscles of the heart can be completely protected in the long term, especially in our patients under 60 years of age, when Emergency Coronary Bypass is performed.

Although most hospitals still do not have the infrastructure to serve Emergency Coronary Bypass surgery, this can be a very important, very life-saving and treatment option.

In the peripheral region, even if you do not have a cardiology unit at hand, you should definitely take 2-3 blood thinners that you can find immediately and apply to the nearest medical center and start the treatment chain from there.

You can always stop by the Saygın Clinic, which is a Thoracic & cardiovascular surgery clinic, to get an idea and get information about angiography, procedures to be performed in a heart attack, by contacting our phone line, or by making an appointment and visiting us. For the most accurate and scientific treatment, our clinic is always with our patients like their families.