Saygın Klinik

Peripheral Artery Disease

Unfortunately, Peripheral Vascular occlusion is very common in our patients over the age of 50 who smoke, have diabetes, struggle with hypertension, or most importantly, have a family history of high cholesterol and family history of atherosclerosis or arterial occlusive disease.

Especially when there is leg vessel occlusion, arterial occlusion below the knee or occlusion in the carotid arteries, clean blood cannot reach these tissue areas. The tissues there dry up, become gangrene, and symptoms such as coldness, pallor, bruising, inability to walk and pain in the legs, cramps in the calves appear while walking, and it is a very insidious and very dangerous disease that can sometimes appear suddenly with blackening in the fingers and gangrene.

In particular, treatment with a surgical or robotic vessel -puncture system is a puzzle.  At Saygın Klinik, we do not only practice medicine. Patients’ blood tests, cholesterol adjustment, vascular anti-ageing program, special diets for vascular rejuvenation, physiotherapy, psychological counseling all go on, and there is one more thing that is very important and always missed, especially in leg vascular occlusion: FOOT CARE. Our medical foot care unit is also at the service of our patients, as nail fungus, cracks on the soles of the feet, calluses, fungi always cause infection in places where clean blood does not reach, and cause swelling and inflammation. In other words, leg vessel occlusion treatment is a puzzle. Our role as doctors is part of this puzzle. We provide a kind of life coaching to all of our patients with a more holistic approach, and we aim to raise their quality of life,  3-5 steps higher.